Attention All Sun Ranch Homeowners:

It has been brought to Management’s attention that a burglary took place during broad daylight at 3:00 PM on Balsam Fir Circle, the intruders entered the by jumping the back wall on Thornton Ave.

One of the intruders were caught on the owners ring door bell camera, it appears that one of burglars entered Balsam Fir from the park, walked down the street and knocked on the door to check to see if anyone was home. Thankfully, the owners were not home when the incident occurred.

Please be vigilant, do not leave windows unlocked, garage doors open and keep an eye out any suspicious activity in the neighborhood. If you do witness anyone that seems suspicious, please report to the Menifee Police Dept. at 951-210-1000 Immediately!

It is very important that as a community that we all work together to help to keep the community safe!

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